Book Review: The Maid by Nita Prose

Book Review: The Maid by Nita Prose

Title: The Maid

Author: Nita Prose

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Date Read: January 2023 

Description: Molly Gray is a 25 year old who works hard as a maid at her hotel but struggles to get along in social situation.  Even though she has a hard time reading the room, she's one of the best at what she does.  Thanks to her attention to detail she is a favorite among people who don't have her best interest at heart.  Molly really learns this when she stumbles across a dead body and finds herself being the #1 suspect in a murder investigation.

Review: I LOVED this book!  I really enjoyed the pace and the who-dunnit-ness that comes in my favorite genre, but adding the neurodivergent aspect for the main character made me root for her even more while wanting to protect her at all cost.  It was a cozy mystery, but not.  It wasn't overly psychological-the bad guys weren't smart enough for that anyway!  Months later and I still think about Molly.  I hope she's well.


Rating: 5 cups of chamomile tea with a splash of lemon 


You can purchase this book here!

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