Book Review: The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

Book Review: The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

Title: The Life We Bury

Author: Allen Eskens

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Suspense

Date Read: January 2023 

Description: Joe Talbert is a college student who just needs to complete a writing assignment for his English course.  He meets Carl Iverson, a convicted murderer, and ends up interviewing him since Iverson had recently been medically paroled.  Iverson was a Vietnam Veteran whose heroic stories just didn't match up to the crime he was convicted of committing.With the help of his neighbor, Joe is able to dive into Iverson's case and hopefully help him turn his deathbed confession into an overturned conviction.

Review: This book was so beautifully written.  I love a good mystery novel, but this married a good thriller with several twists I didn't see coming.  With amazing dialogue between beautifully deep, flawed, but well rounded characters.  From Joe's love for his grandfather, addiction riddled mother, and autistic brother; I just wanted Joe to solve the crime and come out on top in every aspect. He was a good guy and deserved beautiful things to come to him.  The only part I couldn't get into was the COLD!  This Florida girl couldn't get behind just how cold the Minnesota weather was!


Rating: 5 cups of VERY HOT Tea to offset that cold weather!

You can purchase this book here!

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